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Behind the scenes - the voice acting

Unforeseen Incidents has been voiced by a great cast of talented actors. This page provides samples from the game as well as some background information about the actors.

Matthew Curtis

Matthew Curtis was born in California and after spending most of his life performing across the United States on stage and film settled for roaming all of Time and Space in his Vocal Booth, The Imagination Station, while managing to provide voice over work for animation, cartoons, video games and commercials. His work can be heard all across the USA as well as in fifteen other countries. Most recently you can hear his work in the Five Night's at Freddy's Series, Warframe, Remothered: Going Porcelain, Zombie Catchers, Fear Effect Reinvented, In a Nutshell animated series, Ancestor's Legacy and many more games, animations trailers and commercials.

Contact: http://www.micthematt.com/contact-1.html

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Harper Pendrell (Matthew Curtis)

Brent Whitted

Brent's voiceover work includes video game, E-learning, short film, and corporate reads. A graduate of Drama Studio London, he enjoys expanding his repertoire in his home studio.

Contact: https://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/0458-0164-6421

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Edwin Wylie (Brent Whitted)

Edwyn Tiong

Edwyn has been voice acting for years on the internet; and if you were a frequent browser of Newgrounds in the mid-00s, you would probably have heard him in almost every single game and animation on there. These days, he's been lending his talent to a variety of games, including quite a few point-and-click adventure games! He's awfully tickled by that, as he grew up playing those and used to voice every character out loud to himself, because that was how you got voice acting in video games back then. Wow, he's old.

Contact: https://twitter.com/Omahdon

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Cardero (Edwyn Tiong)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Morton Locklear (Edwyn Tiong)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Deepak Shakur (Meditation tape) (Edwyn Tiong)

Kevin Murphy

As well as Unforeseen Incidents Kevin's voice work includes narrating BBC documentary series Mountain Vets. Commercial clients including Apple, Guinness, Suzuki, Bushmills and Tourism Northern Ireland. Recent TV work includes Warrior (HBO/Cinemax) and Doctors (BBC), while his theatre credits include several shows at The National Theatre. Kevin is represented by Soho Voices and SDA.

Contact: https://sohovoices.co.uk/product/kevin-murphy/

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Devlin (Kevin Murphy)

Bill Roberts

William Roberts was born and raised on America's West Cost, and educated there and at Manchester University, UK. After five years acting and directing at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, he moved to Britain in the late '60s. A broadly experienced actor, writer and voice artist, he's been a frequent reader of American novels on BBC Radio, is an award-winning audiobook narrator, and is often heard voicing 'heavy' characters in major computer games. Film and television appearances include: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Behind Closed Doors, Infinite Justice, Cold Mountain, Martin Chuzzlewit, Deathwish III, The Old Devils, and Inspector Morse.

Contact: williameroberts2@aol.co.uk

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Farmer Jackson (Bill Roberts)

Jessica Maston

Jessica's background is in Fine Art and Languages, however her life took a new path when she discovered a love for voice over. Her credits include TV promos, AD for Netflix series, online promos, corporate explainers, stage productions, short films, and video games. She is represented by Excellent Talent.

Contact: http://www.excellenttalent.com/voiceover/jess-maston/

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Desperate Cultist (Jessica Maston)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Patty Silverdale (Jessica Maston)

Helen Duff

Comedy award-winning, critically acclaimed and socially conscious clown, Helen Duff started performing comedy in 2014. Her first solo show, Vanity Bites Back, won a Fringe First nomination at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was subsequently selected for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Perth Fringe World. Helen was also a semi-finalist in the So You Think You're Funny Awards. In 2015 Helen was named a Finalist in the Brighton Comedy Festival 2015 Squawker Awards and was a Finalist in the Amused Moose New Act Award Edinburgh Fringe 2017. Her first comedy hour, Come With Me at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, sold out the 26 night run at the Pleasance Courtyard, receiving rave reviews and invitations to tour internationally, including Berlin, Perth Fringe World and VAULT Festival, London. In 2017 Helen returned to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her eagerly awaited new show How Deep is Your Duff, which fearlessly unpicked the role of a woman in a post-truth world to great critical and audience reception. She is a founding member of the Care Home Tour, an initiative that takes interactive comedy to people with dementia across the UK and about which a documentary is currently in production, regularly performs with Comedy Club 4 Kids, and has travelled with Clowns Without Borders to perform for children in the Rohingya refugee camps on the Bangladesh border with Myanmar. In addition to her blossoming stand-up career, Helen is also a talented actor and voice-over artist, holding a BA Hons in Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art as well as a diploma from L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier and a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. She recently appeared in her first feature film, Holmes and Watson, with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and the BBCIII series of short sketches, Quickies.

Contact: http://www.helenduff.com/

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Mrs. Denman (Intercom) (Helen Duff)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Crystal Energy (Con girl) (Helen Duff)

Amy Quick

Amy is a native of Minnesota who lived on the east and west coasts of the US before moving to London. She branched out from acting into voiceover work in 2015 and has since enjoyed playing a range of roles for commercials, video games, films and corporate videos. She found Ranger Jervis to be the most rewarding character she has brought to life. Her other contributions to the world of "Unforeseen Incidents" include Bartender Lux, Mom, Nervous Cultist, and the emergency hotline operator.

Contact: https://www.spotlight.com/0359-0193-4227

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to 'Colonel' Abarranne Jervis (Amy Quick)

Steve Fortune

Steve began his career 40 years ago, and has worked in all aspects of the business and all over the world. He has appeared in many shows in London's west end as well as theatres throughout the country. He has also worked in television and films. With his deep rich resonant voice Steve has also voiced corporate explainers, animations, audio books and of course games! He had great fun working on Unforeseen Incidents, and bringing Professor MacBride off of the page.

Contact: www.stevefortune.com

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Prof. Rupert Julius W. MacBride (Steve Fortune)

Guy Mott

Guy trained at Birmingham royal conservatoire and has acted on tv & film and in stage plays, musicals and operetti. He has leant his voice to a range of corporate clients and in 2018 voiced 14 audiobooks. As well as voicing several lead characters, Guy narrated 'Seeing the Sound' (a description heavy series of cartoons for blind and visually impaired children), he hads also provided v/o for several films & tv adverts.After delivering his younger son in the front of a car, Guy is available for hire as a midwife but he would certainly provide better value for money as a voiceover actor...

Contact: www.guymott.co.uk

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Burl (Ice fisherman) (Guy Mott)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Pastor Isaac McCaffrey (Phone) (Guy Mott)

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Leroy Topolski (Guy Mott)

Thomas Wynn

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Dockworker (Thomas Wynn)

Julie Stirman

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Ronda Nilsson (Julie Stirman)

Shellia Kennedy

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Mrs. Olson (Shellia Kennedy)

Jessica Carroll

As well as playing Helliwell in Unforeseen Incidents, Jessica has voiced several leads and hundreds of weird and wonderful characters for Videogames including the BAFTA-winning Divinity: Original Sin 2, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Elex, Spellforce 3, Dragon Quest XI and Code 7.
Jessica's voice and many accents appear on commercials for Rimmel, Mugler perfume, Nature Valley, the President Cheese idents for Channel 4's Come Dine With Me, Vaseline, Palmers Coco Butter, O'Keefe's Lip Repair, Glitter Bingo, Protein World, Invisalign, Photobox, The Saucy Fish Company and Fitbit. Corporate clients include Google, EE, Microsoft, the UN, Siemens, Vodafone, the National Grid, Panasonic, Novartis and National Geographic.
Jessica is a regular on the ADR circuit and can be heard screaming and crying on tv shows such as The Crown (Netflix), Vikings (History), The Missing (BBC), Taboo (BBC), The Last Kingdom (BBC), Game of Thrones (HBO), Call the Midwife (BBC), Jamestown (Sky), Dr Foster (BBC), Humans (Channel 4) and many films from Bond to Mary Poppins Returns.
She's also a LAMDA-trained stage, screen and radio actress. Most recent credits include the critically acclaimed Fishskin Trousers at the Finborough and the Park Theatre, Life Begins At Crawley on BBC Radio 4 and her first feature film Polar. She is represented by Katie Threlfall Associates and The Voiceover Gallery.

Contact: https://www.thevoiceovergallery.co.uk/voices/jessica-carroll/

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Ursula James (Jessica Carroll)

Chris Betts

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Photoshop Owner (Chris Betts)

Alasdair Beckett-King

Alasdair is a legendary comedian, in that there is little historical evidence that he exists. But he does exist. Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2017, Alasdair has featured on BBC radio as a comedian and sketch writer, and performed stand-up across the UK, at Glastonbury, Citadel Fest, the Udderbelly Southbank and at the Edinburgh Fringe. He knows quite a lot about 19th century magicians. Tourists often ask to have their photo taken with him, presumably impressed by this.

Contact: http://www.abeckettking.com/

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to RHC Staff (Alasdair Beckett-King)

Caleb Masters

Caleb Masters is a voice artist, actor, writer and dancer. He was previously the host of his radio show 'The Master's Piece'. He made his acting debut in Channel 4's (UK) Three Minute Wonder series and has since enjoyed a successful voice over and acting career. His highly comedic and accurate portrayal of Darth Vader in Star Wars - A Lost Hope received nominations.

Contact: https://www.mandy.com/voice-artist/profile/caleb-masters

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Radio Host 'The Duke' (Caleb Masters)

Nico Kaufmann

Sample: Matthew Curtis as Harper talking to Nelson Wylie (Nico Kaufmann)


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